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Date Added:11/10/2007
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Joke:A man walks into a Kansas bar with his golden retriever. "Hey," says the bartender, "No dogs allowed in the bar." "Oh please?," begs the customer.You see, youre playing the Royals game, and my dog is a really big fan of the Royals." "Youre trying to tell me that this here dog is a BASEBALL FAN?! Both of you get out of my bar," says the bartender. "No animals allowed, and YOU belong in a mental institution. Dogs dont like baseball!"Just then, the Royals get a hit. The dog goes wild. He jumps up on the bar and hops around in circles on his hind legs. Then he does the same on his front legs! The bartender is astounded. "That is the mostamazing thing Ive ever seen! Who ever thought a DOG could like baseball?! Im curious though....if he gets that excited when the Royals get a hit, what does he do when they get a home run?""I dont know," confesses the owner, "I ve only had him for five years."

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